Food Pyramid Five Food Groups

Mommies, the key to providing proper nutrition for children is to understand the five food groups from the food pyramid. Eto ang foundation for knowing how to make healthy, balanced meals to ensure proper child nourishment:

According to the USDA My Plate, the recommendation for each of the food groups is:

Grains Group. Kapag bumibili ng food sa supermarket or when you're eating out with your family, piliin ang grains na mayroong nakalagay na "100% whole" sa label.

Example:  when you're buying bread, healthier choice na bumili ng 100% whole wheat bread kumpara sa plain white bread. 

Vegetable Group. Pagdating sa vegetables, keep in mind that it should have variety. Vegetables come in different colors and this is because they contain different vitamins and minerals. In teaching your kids to eat healthy, make sure to tell them to color their plate with different veggies. Instead of just having one vegetable like lettuce, encourage him to also have carrots and broccoli. Dark leafy and orange veggies are very important for children. 

Protein Group. When it comes to protein, the key is to go lean. Madalas nakukuha ang protein sa meat. Mahalaga ang protein sa katawan as it helps in building muscles. But since it can also be very high in fat, it's advisable to choose lean protein na mababa lang ang fat content. 

Fruit Group. As you know mommies, fruits are very important in an everyday healthy meal plan. When it comes to feeding your kids food that belong to this food group, remember that it's better to have them eat fresh whole fruit than drink fruit juice. 

But that's not all that your kids will get when you make Lactum 3+/6+ an everyday part of their meal plan. Lactum helps you provide 100% nourishment* for your child. It has the essential nutrients from the food groups of the food pyramid. It also has high source of Appetite Support Nutrients** like Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Thiamin. 

*With three balanced meals a day

** High source of Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Thiamin and Vitamin B12 for children with poor appetite caused by deficiency of these nutrients.

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