Lack of proper nutrition for kids is sometimes an effect of demanding schoolwork. Kids become too busy to eat and others may even skip meals just to finish homework. While getting busy in school is unavoidable, moms like you can always prevent this problem by preparing the right grab-and-go lunchbox food.

Check out which types of food are the best to include in your child's lunchbox:

Healthy Carbohydrates

Providing proper nutrition for kids involves serving carbohydrates that offer lasting energy throughout the day. These include potatoes, breads and pasta made of 100% whole wheat, and brown or red rice. These have high fiber and leave your child fuller longer, unlike their white, polished counterparts.


Select leaner versions of meat and pork and remove chicken skin as much as possible to reduce the unhealthy fat in your child's diet. Proteins like salmon, mackerel, and other fish provide brain-boosting nutrients, as do boiled eggs, so include these as well.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Proper nutrition for kids always includes a serving of fruit and vegetables. Go for fresh fruits because dried ones are high in sugar. Crunchy and colorful veggies are also advisable when kids get picky. Adding a low-fat cheese dip to carrot and cucumber sticks also make veggies more appetizing.

When your kids are home from school, always include Lactum 3+ or 6+ in their meals. Lactum helps provide 100% nourishment* as it has the essential nutrients found in food groups from the food pyramid. Kaya ikaw, mommy, 100% panatag!

*with 3 balanced meals a day