Many moms find it a challenge to provide good nutrition for children who are too busy to eat. Children are required to consume a certain amount of food in each food group from the food pyramid in order to meet their nutritional needs. However, one of the biggest challenges of child nourishment is that kids these days are almost always preoccupied with their school work or other activities making meal time the least of their priorities. Aside from the nutritional needs of children, moms must also consider how accessible and easily consumable their kids' meals are in order to make way for their other activities. Time is of the essence for school kids, so it will help to serve nourishing meals that are not time-consuming to eat. There are many ways to prepare quick meals without compromising its nutritional value.

Offering easy-to-eat, nutritious meals for children will save that essential study time and provide proper nutrition for children. Here are some tips to ensure that your child is nourished despite having little time for meals:

#1 – Food in bowls 

If your child really needs to use dinner time for studying, he can easily eat his meal if it's served in a bowl. It needs less attention and hands to be eaten versus food on plates. Make sure to include protein and veggies to to their bowls in order to ensure a balanced diet and proper nutrition for kids. Rice toppings, pasta, or stew make for good nutrition for children.

#2 – Bite-sized food

Cutting meats in dishes before serving it helps your busy child save time on cutting his own food so he can study longer. Already-cut meat and chicken served with lots of easy-to-fork veggies provide the nutritional needs of children essential for demanding school work. In addition to #1, toss in already-cut meat in a bowl of rice, pasta or mashed potatoes to ensure a balanced diet and proper child nourishment.

#3 – Food on sticks

Food on sticks are easy to eat and also fun because they are reminiscent of birthday parties. Instead of the usual meat and barbecue sauce, try a chicken breast and green beans skewer with teriyaki sauce or a meat-and-broccoli skewer with oyster sauce. Don't forget to include the right amount of veggies to the skewers and couple it with carbohydrates like bread in order to obtain the essential nutrients from the different food groups of the food pyramid.

#4 – Snacks in bags

Forget junk food and instead switch to nutritious meals for children like cereals, sandwiches, and veggie sticks. Placed in convenient lunch bags, these healthy meals for children become accessible any time they are needed. Make sure to appropriate the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, fruits and veggies according to the food pyramid in preparing their baon. That way you ensure that you provide the right nutrition for kids as they go about busy days in school.

Remember to always serve your child Lactum 3+/6+. Lactum has the essential nutrients found in food groups from the food pyramid to help make your child 100% nourished*.

*with 3 balanced meals a day.