Proper nutrition means getting the required amount of nutrients from the food your child eats that are necessary for his Brain, Immunity, and Bone development. To achieve this, you need to provide him with a variety of nutritious food. Examples are foods rich in Iron for brain development, fruits rich in Vitamin C to help strengthen immunity, and milk and dairy products for strong and healthy bones.

The recommended nutrient intake for children are set by different institutions such as RENI for the Philippines, RNI for Malaysia, and RDA for Indonesia. Recent surveys have shown that there is a gap between the recommended nutrient intake and the nutrients children get from their usual diet. There are reports of undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in the Philippines1 .

Your child's nutrition lies in your hands. Help give your child 100% nourishment* so he can be an Ibang Level BIBo Kid with developed Brain, Immunity, and Bones.


* with 3 balanced meals a day


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