All-Around Development


Why Lactum 3+6+?

When it comes to helping their children excel, lots of Filipino moms choose Lactum 3+6+. As a reliable milk formula that helps support children’s growth and development for over 30 years, Lactum 3+6+ is key in helping make sure kids can keep up—whether in school, at the playground, or in anything else they want to do!

No parent wants their child to be left behind. Lucky for them, Lactum 3+6+ is committed to help level-up their kids’ All-Around Development*. And even better, Lactum 3+6+’s new and improved formula is its most advanced yet—providing growing kids the appropriate support they need through their development years.

*with proper nutrition and stimulation

What’s New with Lactum 3+6+?

Lactum 3+6+ captured the attention of moms and kids this year with two major changes: it introduced all-new formulations, and a modern packaging to match!

Now, new and improved Lactum 3+6+ plain variant has 5x more DHA vs. previous formulation. With 20mg of DHA per serving of Lactum 3+ and Lactum 6+, both have the highest DHA level among all other economy milk brands, and even higher than some premium milk brands!

What makes having 5x more DHA in its new formulation important? DHA is a brain-boosting nutrient that helps support children’s brain development in these formative years. Now that there’s 5x more DHA (vs. previous formulation) in every glass, Lactum 3+6+ can help boost your child’s All-Around Development in Brain, Immunity and Bones along with proper nutrition and stimulation!

Aside from prioritizing All-Around Development, Lactum 3+6+ plain variant also adheres to global guidelines set by international health authorities, including the World Health Organization. That’s why the new and improved formula has 50% less sucrose compared to the previous formulation. This is in line with the WHO recommendation to reduce intake of free sugars such as sucrose for both adults and children. In turn, this helps reduce the risks of unhealthy weight gain and other non-communicable diseases later in life. And in response to the international expert recommendation to reduce serving size and calorie density of growing up milk formula, Lactum 3+6+ has also reduced the serving size of its plain variant from 50g to 40g. Even at a young age, children, with the help of their parents, should have the option to choose products that help support their proper nutrition in the long run, and Lactum 3+6+ addresses this with its upgraded formulation.

In grocery stores or online, one might also notice that the new and improved Lactum 3+6+ has a brand new look. This updated packaging design is able to highlight Lactum 3+6+’s superior nutrients and benefits across all sizes and variants, with a modern look and feel that’s a refreshing change on the display.

These improvements are a testament to Lactum 3+6+’s commitment to staying updated and relevant, especially to Filipino moms and their kids. The same way every glass of Lactum 3+6+ aims to help your child become lamang, even the brand itself is dedicated to keeping up with today’s fast-changing landscape.

New and Improved Lactum 3+6+: What’s in a Glass?

Lactum 3+6+ puts in a lot of care in its new formulation to ensure that it’s packed with all the right nutrients and ingredients to help support your child’s All-Around Development in Brain, Immunity, and Bones, with proper nutrition and stimulation.

With its most advanced formula yet, Lactum 3+6+ helps provide an adequate supplement together with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Lactum 3+6+ plain variant has the following ingredients to help support your child’s development:

  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Considered building blocks of the brain, this is a nutrient clinically-proven to help support the development and functioning of the brain. New Lactum 3+6+ has 5x more DHA vs. previous formulation at 20mg per serving to help support your child’s brain development, along with proper nutrition and stimulation.
  • Prebiotic Inulin. This is a type of prebiotic or non-digestible fiber that can help support a healthy digestive system. It encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut, and healthy gut often reflects a healthy immune system.

New and improved formulations for Lactum 3+6+ choco variant are coming soon as well, so kids can enjoy the same benefits for their All-Around Development with a delicious chocolate flavor!

Thanks to these ingredients, every glass of Lactum 3+6+ can help support your All-Around Kid’s Immunity, Brain and Bone Development together with proper nutrition and stimulation!

Lamang Ba ang Lactum 3+6+ vs. Other Economy Milk Brands?

With 5x more DHA vs. previous formulation, how does Lactum 3+6+ plain variant compare against other staged milk formulas of the same range? This question comes naturally to mothers who want the best for their kids. No detail is too small when it comes to giving your child the support they need. Even the milk they consume every day can affect whether or not your child falls behind.

Based on information from the corresponding product labels in July 2023, Lactum 3+6+’s new and improved formula comes out on top in terms of DHA level, when compared to other brands in the market. With 20mg of DHA per serving for Lactum 3+ 6+, this formula has the highest DHA level in the economy staged milk category, and even comes out on top vs. some premium staged milk brands.

Here is a snapshot of Lactum 3+6+’s new and improved DHA levelf vs. other economy staged milk formulas in the market:

Lactum 3+ Plain vs. Other Economy Staged Milk for Above 3 to 6 Years Old:

*Based on information from the corresponding product labels in July 2023

Lactum 3+ now has the highest level of DHA in economy staged milk category for above 3 to 6 years old at 20mg per serving.

Lactum 6+ Plain vs. Other Economy Staged Milk for 6+ Years Old:

*Based on information from the corresponding product labels in July 2023

Lactum 6+ now has the highest level of DHA in economy staged milk category for 6 years old and above at 20mg per serving.

For moms who choose Lactum 3+6+ for their kids, they can be at ease knowing that the value of being “lamang” is more than just a message placed on advertisements. When it comes down to the numbers, Lactum 3+6+ outperforms all the economy staged milk brands and even some premium staged milk brands in terms of DHA level per serving. Supporting your child’s All-Around Development in Brain, Immunity, and Bones with proper nutrition and stimulation also offers more value for each peso—a unique benefit for both mom and child!

How to Prepare New and Improved Lactum 3+6+

The good thing about Lactum 3+6+’s upgraded formula is that it remains as simple to prepare as ever. Simply refer to the number of scoops indicated in the Normal Dilution Guide below, according to your child’s age:

Lactum 3+6+ Normal Dilution Guide:

The new and improved Lactum 3+6+ plain variant comes with 50% less sucrose level than its previous formula, in line with the international expert recommendation to reduce serving size and calorie density of growing up milk formula. Given the lower level of sucrose vs. previous formulation, the new Lactum 3+6+ formula is expected to be less sweet.

If you’re helping your child transition to the new formula and are concerned about their reaction to the change in taste profile, parents are also encouraged to help them through transition mixing.

This means combining the new Lactum 3+6+ powder with the previous formulation, diluting the taste and adjusting the ratio until they’ve grown accustomed to the new and improved flavor. Transition mixing can span 8 days or more, depending on your child’s taste and preferences. See the guide below for reference:

The Perks of Being a Proud LACTUMama!

With Lactum 3+6+, the benefits don’t just end with the product—there are lots of surprises, content, and even rewards in store for LACTUMamas and their All-Around Kids!

The official Lactum 3+6+ website gives you access to endless information that can help you guide, entertain, and grow with your child—from Nutrition and Diet Tips, ideas for Children’s Activities and Games, Parenting Dos and Don’ts, and more. These topics are created with the needs of Filipino families in mind, from in-depth guides that cover a wide range of topics, to more bite-sized content you can refer to on-the-go!

Plus, with your child’s All-Around Development as its main focus, the kind of content Lactum 3+6+ produces are also centered around this. Supporting kids’ Immunity, Brain and Bone Development, especially with today’s rapid changes, has become a challenge for parents all around the country. And now that many are encouraged to remain indoors, even adapting to remote learning for their kids, Lactum 3+6+ provides informative and relevant content that can help your child grow, learn and be lamang, even while at home!

Discover All-Around Development

There are also official Lactum 3+6+ recipes for you and your little one to enjoy together—from breakfast ‘til dinner, even to snacks and dessert! Get creative at home and let Lactum 3+6+ give your whole family a bonding experience like no other, with creative and even unexpected dishes that everyone can try! All this you can navigate in one tap through the Lactum 3+6+ website.


And on social media, Lactum 3+6+ Philippines’ presence on Facebook gives you real-time updates on products, promos, fun content, Facebook Lives and more, for you and your child to scroll through.

Aside from that, you can also count on Lactum 3+6+ to be accessible, wherever you are. Lactum 3+6+ products are now available at just a click away on your favorite e-commerce sites, such as Shopee, Lazada, Nutrihealth, Watsons, and even Facebook Messenger; and can be delivered straight to your door. That’s on top of being easily available in supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide!

There are also lots of exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts to watch out for online, from exciting monthly discounts on the Double Double Sales, partnerships with supermarkets, drugstores, and other online stores, to surprise promos and many more treats!

While mom and dad support their kids’ All-Around Development by choosing Lactum 3+6+, Lactum 3+6+ is also there to support the parents’ journey as they bring up their little ones. With years of experience in the market, Lactum 3+6+ has never wavered in its dedication to help Filipino parents raise kids who are lamang in whatever they set their heart to—that’s why, for over 30 years, Filipino moms choose and trust Lactum 3+6+ time and time again.

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