Hi Moms! Summer is here again! And summer means more time with the kids at home. Make it extra special by making sure that you are providing the required nutrition for kids the moment you plan your groceries , to the moment you cook your meals and finally set it on the table.

Here are just some tips recommended by Lactum:

While shopping:

  1. Make sure that you always have a shopping list with you. This way you can prioritize the food item that you really need and avoid buying products that are unnecessary and might not even provide the right nutrition for kids.
  2. Instead of always shopping for meat, why not make it a habit to drop by the fish station too? And to be able to even provide the right nutrition for kids, choose fish like tuna and salmon para full of Omega 3 that is good for the heart.
  3. Always try for alternatives. For your dairy products like cheese and butter, try for those na low-fat or nonfat, or those with less sodium.

While cooking:

  1. Make sure that you have all the ingredients that you need. This will make cooking time fast and productive—para more time with the kids!
  2. Spoon off fat from meat dishes. Kapag pinapakuluan ang mga meat or pork cuts, tanggalin na rin ang mga fats nito. This will lessen the saturated fats in your dishes all the while not really taking away the taste of the beef or pork.
  3. Try to substitute. Instead of using egg yolks, just use egg whites in your recipes. Egg yolks have the more cholesterol compared to the egg whites.

While eating:

  1. Your table must be clean of unnecessary items. Keep the toys and other gadgets away para your kids are focused on eating.
  2. Avoid putting salt and pepper shakers at the table. This will just tempt your kids to add more seasoning and might just eventually lead to unhealthy eating habit.

Ensuring nutrition for kids sure is hard work. But you'll see moms how this will pay-off in the future. And to help you out in your goal of nourishing your child, always include Lactum 3+/6+ in your child's meals. Lactum helps provide 100% nourishment*. It has the essential nutrients from the food groups of the food pyramid. Kaya ang mga mommies, 100% panatag.

*with three balanced meals a day in some articles with mentions of 100% nourishment*.

Source: http://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/nutrition/resources/tips.html