Mommies, rainy season na naman which means uso ulit ang sakit tulad ng sipon at ubo. Help prevent your little ones from coming down with sickness and also help boost their immune systems by making sure that they eat enough of certain food types, categorized through the food pyramid.

Tandaan mommies, food provides fuel and energy to the body and food nutrients can also boost body functions like the immune system. Kaya merong food pyramid para i-guide kayo sa tamang nutrisyon. Here are a few suggestions from Lactum that you can prepare for your kids, para your child has lesser risk of getting colds or flu:


Having Vitamin C and a lot of it in the system is very important in preventing colds and flu. Do you want to serve your kid more than just the simple orange or calamansi juice? Or if your kid is not much of a fruit eater, get creative! Try having fruit kabobs with creamy dip. Pick out fruits from the food pyramid that is rich in Vitamin C tulad ng papaya, strawberries and oranges and pair with a creamy dip, made with equal parts cream cheese and marshmallow fluff.

Another creative way is to have chocolate dipped orange segments. Kumuha ng double boiler tapos i-melt ang dark chocolate at isa isang i-dip ang portion ng orange segment sa melted chocolate. Let it cool on a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet hanggang maging firm ang chocolate. Pwede rin ang strawberries at kiwi with chocolate dip. Ang importante is to pick out fruits that are rich in Vitamin C.

Good Fats

Not all fats are bad. Merong mga fats na pwedeng kainin to help prevent colds and flu. Pakainin ang inyong kids ng mga pagkaing tulad ng avocado, nuts plus fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Ang mga ito ay may unsaturated fats that will help your child's immune system. May ilan ring makikita sa topmost level ng food pyramid.

Subukan ang tortilla chips with homemade guacamole. Para makagawa ng guacamole, simply mash a chopped avocado with a little salt and lime juice. Pwedeng samahan mo rin ito ng hot pepper (a vegetable rich in Vitamin C) or even a diced plum tomato.

Lean Proteins

Mga Lactum mommies, kung gusto niyong maging healthy ang immune system ng inyong kids in fighting off flu and colds, 'wag kalimutan ang lean proteins sa kanilang diet na makikita naman malapit sa middle section ng food pyramid. Pag hindi sapat sa lean proteins ang nasa katawan, nakakaresulta ito sa kakulangan ng white blood cells sa katawan na tumutulong sa paglaban sa antigens.

So anong mga pagkain ang merong lean proteins? Ilan sa mga examples na makikita sa food pyramid ay ang extra lean ground beef, pork loin and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. For your kids, you can try to give them ham and cheese roll ups for baon. Simply layer a slice of luncheon meat on top of a slice Swiss and roll into a tube. Lagyan ng honey mustard before you roll para mas magustuhan ng inyong kids.


Of course hindi mawawala sa mga levels ng food pyramid ang veggies. Alam niyo ba mommies that Vitamin A found in veggies is also very important in fighting colds and flu? Vitamin A stimulates the immune system and even enhances the performance of white blood cells kaya talagang important that your kids eat vegetables.

At dahil maraming kids ang hindi mahilig kumain ng veggies, you have to try to make it more enticing for them. Try something as simple as Ants on a Log, which are basically just celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins.

Milk like Lactum 3+ and Lactum 6+ is your true katuwang in ensuring that your kid is getting the right nourishment. It has high source of Appetite Support Nutrients* tulad ng Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Thiamin and Vitamin B12 na makikita lahat sa food pyramid to help make your child a 100% nourished kid.

*High source of Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Thiamin and Vitamin B12 for children with poor appetite caused by deficiency of these nutrients. 

*with three balanced meals a day in some articles with mentions of 100% nourishment*.

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