It's challenging enough to make your child eat anything else besides his favorite food. So what more in attempting to have him eat some vegetables? As we know, vegetables are one of the most crucial food groups in the food pyramid. But we also know that this food group is the one our kids rarely eat. So we know what you are up against, moms. This situation happens not only to picky eaters, but to all kids in general.

But no need to fret! There are simple and easy ways to solve this. Lactum 3+/6+ lists down some of the easiest ways to make your picky eater eat this certain food group from the food pyramid without actually forcing him in to it!

One good way of ensuring that the nutrients of this specific food group from the food pyramid makes their way to your child's meal is by practicing the following food masking tips:

Pizza Topping

Kids love pizza! This trick will definitely work for your picky eater once he is craving for this hot-from-the-oven-pie. Substitute your regular topping of pepperoni to a generous helping of mushrooms or tofu. Experiment with kids' favorite toppings by adding pineapple, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Wrap it Up

Another way of food masking is to wrap the ingredients. Like the ever favorite lumpia, grind your veggies before wrapping them in rice paper. Another route for your picky eater is to prepare crepes or veggie omelette.

Healthy Smoothies

A meal is not complete without a healthy drink. Instead of the usual shakes, why not experiment on adding a little twist to them? Try mixing fruits and veggies like oranges and carrots. The tanginess of the orange will definitely hide the taste of the carrot but you are sure that all the veggie nutrients are in-tack.

You can even mix up fruits to your Lactum 3+/6+ milkshake! Try adding bananas to your child's favorite choco milkshake. Lactum 3+/ 6+ has essential nutrients found in food groups from the food pyramid to help make your child 100% nourished*, and you mom, 100% Panatag.

*with 3 balanced meals a day