Nourished Kid 101

Getting the unbeatable nutritional power of the Food Pyramid is a great way to help ensure that your child is properly nourished. To accomplish this, make sure that he or she always eats in moderation, has a variety of food and consumes balanced meals so he or she can stay active and grow up healthy.

Don’t forget to serve Lactum 3+ or 6+ to help fill in nutritional gaps so you are 100% panatag that your child gets 100% nourishment*.

While a balanced diet is necessary for health no matter how old you are, it is absolutely crucial in the case of young children for several reasons. Here are some of the vital nutrients found in the food pyramid which your kids need for 100% Nourishment*:
1. Calcium is used by the body to build strong bones which is a process only completed during one’s teen years. It is important to give your children the sufficient amount of Calcium at an early age for strong bones as they reach adulthood. 1

2. Protein is utilized heavily by the body for growth in addition to the regular use in maintaining and repairing the body. In fact, since young children experience several periods of rapid growth, they actually require more protein per pound of body weight than an older child or adult would. 2

3. Vitamin C generally strengthens the immune system which is why it is essential to have enough of this in the body from a young age. This assists the body in absorbing Iron and Calcium, helps in the healing of wounds, and keeps the brain properly functioning. 3

4. Carbohydrates are the major source of energy for the body. How? Foods that contain these are broken down into simple sugars which are utilized by the body. Kids need a lot of Carbs to remain active and always ready-to-perform their everyday activities. 4

5. Vitamin D is an important nutrient, together with Calcium, that helps build bones and keep them strong. This also helps in preventing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and thinning bones. 5
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*with 3 balanced meals a day