The Importance of Proper Food Proportions

A serving size is the measured amount of food or drink recommended such as one cup of orange juice or two ounces of lean meat.1

As parents, it’s our job to make sure our children eat the right food in proper proportions. However, these days it can be quite challenging to monitor the amount of food our kids eat given the relatively large serving sizes being served from packaged goods and at restaurants.a

Do food proportions matter?
Kids need a balanced diet which means meals or snacks of proper proportions from all food groups in the Food Pyramid. To nourish your child, use the Food Pyramid as your guide, and take important note of the following:
1. Limit the proportion of sugar that your child consumes in a day. As much as possible, do not let your child eat foods that contain any added sugar.2
2. Instead of giving your child fruit juice, let him eat the fruit itself.2
3. Water, water, water. A good proportion of your child’s day should be consumed by H20.2
4. Avoid trans or saturated fats which are found namely in packaged cookies and crackers.2
5. Limit your child’s intake of processed meat which is high in fat and sodium.2

Eating properly and monitoring food proportions can help in different aspects of your child’s life. This may help in developing strong bones, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your child mentally focused. 3 To help provide 100% nourishment*, be sure to give your child a glass of Lactum 3+ everyday! 

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*with 3 balanced meals a day