It's always been a challenge for moms to make sure that the dishes they prepare can give the right nutrition for children. One way we can help achieve this is through Healthy Snacking. Snacks are considered as important meals for our kids. We always have to make sure that in preparing healthy snacks, we are following the right steps and preparation to help achieve the right nutrition for children.

Let them Eat in Moderation

Studies show na pag ang kids ay hindi kumakain sa tamang oras, it can interfere with their appetite in a way that their natural instinct to experience hunger and fullness may be altered. Given this, providing the required nutrition for children might not be met. Studies say that the ideal time to give our kids snacks is every three to four hours.


Have the habit of designating snack time. Best to always keep track of when you last fed your child and from there, you can plot the next hour in which you need to prepare their snacks.

Where Should Kids Snack?

Some moms forget about the importance of place and designation when it comes to providing the right nutrition for children. It's also important to build that eating-only zone in the house to make sure there are no distractions during mealtime. This is important because if kids end up eating in other places beyond the assigned eating area, we might lose track of what and how much they are eating.

Give the Right Food and Drinks

As always, best way pa rin in making sure that you provide the right nutrition for children is to prepare nourishing dishes, snacks, and drinks like Lactum 3+/6+! Lactum helps provide 100% nourishment*. It has the essential nutrients from the food pyramid to help you make you 100% panatag!

*with three balanced meals a day.