It's summer time again moms! And during these months na walang school ang mga kids, make sure that you get to spend more time with them. One way of making sure you and your kids will have a fun and memorable experience—and where you'd still be able to provide nutrition for children—why don't you set a date for a summer picnic outing?

Picnics do not mean you have to turn a blind eye with regard to your children's health. Picnics could still be as healthy as your mealtimes at home.

Follow these simple tips and you are ensured that you are providing the right nutrition for children.

Tip 1

Plan your menu for the picnic. List down all the dishes and snacks you would want to bring. Make sure that these meals are not only healthy and delicious, but would also be practical and convenient para naman hindi mahirap at mabigat dalhin.

Tip 2

Also consider the ingredients of your meals. Since nasa labas kayo ng bahay, hindi madaling i–stock ang food sa refrigerator. To make sure that you are preparing healthy and fresh meals to give the best nutrition for children, cook meals na hindi madaling mapanis. Or, you can also bring along with you a small cooler or icebox to store meals and items na madaling matunaw.

Tip 3

Kahit nasaan kayo, always think healthy. Don't make this family affair an excuse for your children to indulge on unhealthy snacks or meals. Masyado silang masasanay at baka ang i–look forward lang nila ay ang junk food and not the family bonding time. Pero para naman hindi malungkot ang mga kids, prepare something that's visually captivating para makuha ang attention nila, like colorful fruit kebabs! It's easy to eat and you're sure that you are providing the right nutrition for children.

Tip 4

Make it light. Try something fresh and light pag picnics. Usually kasi, picnics become one of the most important family bonding time. Maraming activities at maraming playtime. To make sure that you won't overwhelm your kids with food, let them have refreshing meals like cucumber salads or fresh mango salsa. To complete the daily nutrition for children, you can even pair this up with grilled chicken breast or grilled fish.

Tip 5

Good food comes in with a good drink! Kaya naman when it's picnic time, don't forget to pack with you Lactum 3+ or 6+. A good source of nutrition for children, Lactum has the essential nutrients found in the food groups from the food pyramid to help make your child 100% nourished*. Para ang mga mommies, 100% panatag!

Let's start packing, Lactum moms!

*with three balanced meals a day