Having a fun active playtime with your kid is definitely one of these best ways to bond. Since it allows you to experience things with each other, you end up discovering together too! Here are 3 activities you can do together with your child:

Take your child for a walk, optimally in a place with a lot of interesting sights and greenery, like the neighborhood park. While there, pick up leaves, stones and other small souvenirs (preferably flat) and paste them on bond paper when you get home.

Go camping without having to really leave civilization behind. Ask your child to help you set up a tent in your backyard, and stay there with him while telling stories of nature and the wild. Don't forget the pillows and insect repellant!

Inspire the desire for order and gain a handy little helper by getting your child a pint-sized broom and matching dustpan, then inspire him to sweep the floor by making it a game ("Can you clean this area in 5 minutes or less?).

Before trying any of these, get your child ready for his or her adventure by providing 100% nourishment*! Partner a nourishing meal of the correct proportions according to the Food Pyramid with a glass of Lactum 3+/6+ and you're good to go.

*with 3 balanced meals daily