How to Play Piko (Hopscotch)

Make your kid’s next playdate an unforgettable one by taking it outdoors and teaching them this old-school favorite!

Have your child and his friends make their own colorful “piko” markers by painting on small stones. Then, draw a hopscotch board on the ground using colorful chalk.

How to play:

Have the first player toss the marker into the first square. It has to land within the square (with the number 1) without bouncing or touching the line of another square. The player must then hop through the course, skipping the square with the marker in it. Each player must hop on one foot when they’re on single squares, and use two feet for squares that are side-by-side (placing one foot on each square.) When the player completes a round, he must toss the marker into the second square (with the number 2) and repeat the skipping pattern.

A player loses a turn if she steps on a line, misses a square with her marker, or loses her balance! The player that finishes the whole course (through square 10) wins!