The public has never been a stranger to the many successes of celebrities Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano. Aside from their hard-hitting box-office hits, they are also known for championing their family and being lovely parents to their son, Seve. But just like any parents, Toni and Paul have also been through both cheerful and challenging moments in their familial journey.

Last year, waves of uncertainty rushed into their home as the fear of the pandemic concerned them about the welfare of their son. “My biggest realization during this pandemic is that I have to stick to the things I can control. This includes my household, my family, and me being a mom to Seve,” shared Toni. The actress also talked about the usual scenario in their home during quarantine. “It’s just the three of us at home. It gives our son a certain level of confidence knowing that his parents are always there for him. I am always present in caring for him as his mom, and Paul, he’s the one who plays with Seve and teaches him things. They’re boys,so nagkakaintindihan sila

Seve is now at his pre-schooling stage. This is why Toni and Paul now seek the nutrition provided by milk like Vitaminized Lactum 3+, to help support Seve’s development.

He has a lot of whys,” said Toni. “And as both Paul and I could see, he likes to apply his curiosity through physical movements. He likes building stuff and riding the scooter with his dad.” Additionally, Toni also opened up how their son watches his dad work closely. He likes creating stories and concepts in his head and shows early signs of creativity in storytelling, just like his dad. “He also has good focus in school, and shows interest in many topics — especially when he watches his dad work in the home studio.Parang sumusunod siya sa yapak ni Paul, ganu’n,” she shared.

As they go through this journey together as parents, Toni and Paul put their faith in the things that enable them to help Seve with his All-Around Development. “‘Raising a child takes a village,’ as the old proverb says. Aside from me and Paul, and all our other loved ones, there is also one thing that has always helped me be the best mom I could be, and that is Vitaminized Lactum 3+.”

The Soriano family has recently worked on a TVC for Vitaminized Lactum 3+ where Toni and Seve star as the brand’s new ambassadors, with dad Paul Soriano as the director. “I’m thankful for Lactum 3+ because it really helps support Seve’s All-Around Development. He’s the type of kid who loves playing outdoors [in the garden], riding the scooter, and running around, so it’s important for me to rely on the nutrition found in Lactum 3+ to help boost his immunity and help keep his bones strong,” said Toni.

Toni added that she and Paul are making sure their son gets the support he needs. “Vitaminized Lactum 3+ is like our third partner in raising Seve to become that best kid he can be,” she said. “With the help of Lactum 3+ and proper nutrition, I can observe that Seve shows good signs of brain development.”

In her Instagram story, Toni also shared a memory from her younger years that made this Lactum3+ project a ‘dream come true’ for her. “When I was still single and would walk past the milk aisle in the grocery, my eyes would always be glued to Lactum 3+. Then I told myself, ‘When I become a mom, this is the brand I would want to endorse with my kid.’ Just when I thought I had moved on from that dream, I got a call. It was the perfect timing.”

For Toni and thousands of Filipino moms, Lactum 3+ has been their trusted partner for over 30 years now in raising an all-around kid in immunity, brain and bones. Lactum 3+ has Vitamin C and Prebiotic Inulin to help boost a child’s immunity, DHA to support brain development, and Calcium to help keep their bones healthy and strong. With proper nutrition and simulation, these key nutrients work well together with other vitamins and minerals to help in the All-Around Development of kids.

Like Toni Gonzaga, help support your child’s All-Around Development in immunity, brain and bones with the help of Vitaminized Lactum 3+. Lactum 3+ is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets, and in Lactum 3+'s official stores in Shopee and Lazada.

New LACTUMama Toni Gonzaga and son Seve in their latest TVC shoot with Lactum 3+.


All-around kid. Seve Soriano joins the Lactum 3+ family as its youngest brand ambassador.

The Soriano family. Toni Gonzaga and Seve Soriano star in a new Lactum 3+ short film, directed by head of the family, Paul Soriano.

Help support All-around Development in Immunity, Brain and Bones with Vitaminized Lactum 3+.